EuroHPC Joint Workshops

Europar 2021. Session 21. EU Projects: European Initiative Projects Towards Exascale Computing. Jesus Carretero, Tiago Dias and Ricardo Nobre. EURO-PAR2021: 27TH INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING. Lisbon. Portugal. 30 august – 3 September 2021.

HPCMALL 2022 Workshop at ISC22. EuroHPC projects cooperation activity.

1st EuroHPC Workshop on Malleability in HPC

First EuroHPC Workshop on to Seed and Foster Collaboration across Europe

SC22 BoF. Enabling I/O and Computation Malleability in HPC

EuroHPC JU Projects Shaping Europe’s HPC Landscape. HIPEAC 2023. Toulouse, France. January 16-18, 2023.


InfiniBand Networks Congestion Control Tool. Cooperation ADMIRE-Red-SEA.

Joint Publications

Alberto Cascajo, Gabriel Gomez Lopez, Jesus Escudero-Sahuquillo, Pedro Javier Garcia, David E. Singh, Francisco Alfaro, Francisco J. Quiles and Jesus Carretero (2022). Improving Congestion Control through Fine-Grain Monitoring of InfiniBand Networks. 29th iteration of the IEEE Hot Interconnects symposium HOTI 2022. LINK to program. Cooperation ADMIRE-Red-SEA.