Open source tools

ADMIRE project is commited to the generation of open software tools that can be freely used by the committe. All the source code tools can be accessed through the ADMIRE GITLAB.

Related to the WPs of the ADMIRE project, we can structure tools as follows.

WP2. Ad-hoc file systems

WP3. Malleability tools

WP4. I/O scheduling

WP5. Monitoring tools

WP6. Intelligent controller

  • FlexMPI
  • Libicc: Intelligent controller communication library

WP7. Applications co-design

Open data

WP7. Applications co-design

I/O traces collection Inititives.

Standardization effort

  • MPI sessions.
  • PMIx.
  • ISO C++ Standardization Committee. Group ARCOS from UC3M participates activiely in the C++ standardadization. Jose D. Garcia is the president of subcommittee CTN71/SC22 (programming languages and software interfaces) and of subcommittee CTN71/SC22/GT21 (C++ language). He is the Spanish representative at C++ International Committee.

Users Group

We are disseminating our solutions to potential users belonging to other EuroHPC projects, Teratec Forum, or the HIPEAC association.